Month: October 2012


We, the undersigned, would like to unequivocally state our concern over the growing usage of mobile internet devices (namely, tablets and phones) in the homesteads of our human companions.  Disturbingly, the usage of these devices has caused a drastic decrease in the amount of time spent in office chairs in the home, and concurrently, have decreased the amount of time that our human companions have produced suitable lap space.

Especially as the time of year sees the temperatures drop, we propose a compromise and suggest aforementioned human companions consider large laptop computers for their mobile internet needs; these most frequently require usage on couches or tables, thus creating the much needed lap space, and also provide the side benefits of generating excess heat on and around said laps.

Pets Against Mobile Computing
(Welkin, Foster, Charlie, Dante, Sweetie)


Today’s batch of thoughts.

1. You know you live in a swing state when there are random planes flying around advertising presidential websites and VP candidate visits.  There don’t appear to be any events or social gatherings that they’re circling; you’re just a swing state in the two months before an election.  

2. Poetry and lyricism is a lot like a foreign language.  If you really want to master it, you have to surround yourself with people who speak it, you have to read it at every turn, you have to go and live in it until you start to *think in it*.  

3. Stews and similar recipes are always better on the second day, so why do I ever eat them as anything other than leftovers?

4. Signs I am a crazy-cat-person: I wonder how many other people entertain themselves when driving through neighborhoods by seeing how many cats they can spot sitting in front windows.