Haworthia yearlings
















3 thoughts on “Haworthia yearlings

  1. Hi! First off, i gotta say what an amazing job you did with your haworthia seeds/seedlings. They look absolutely beautiful. Im really inspired and see if I can replicate your success.

    Anyway, I noticed the seedlings are now in individual pots… how old should the seedlings be repotted?

    1. Hello! And thank you.
      The answer to this is really “it depends”. I’ve seen growers who have had seedlings crowded in starting treats for four years or more. They don’t thrive, but it won’t hurt them terribly to stay in it. Some exceptionally fast hybrids I’ve moved after a Fe months, and one grower I know freshens the soil on seedlings every few months. Eventually it becomes a judgement call. On average I would say around the one year mark is a good time. I’m usually taking myself out of reasons for doing it sooner. The ones I leave at least a year usually fare better.

    2. One more shameless promotion: I’ve been very bad at updating WordPress, and most of my updates now are through Instagram unless I’m doing a long write up on an experiment or process steps. I post a lot on my seedling progress there, and theres a bit more active conversation from a few other folks who do the same. I’m @asphocrossing if you are on it!

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