Month: December 2015

Lithops: Day Four (surprise!)

Apparently after having posting on Facebook recently about lithops (aka, “living stones” – which I hadn’t really heard of until my partner mentioned them a few weeks ago … which was also the trigger that set me off on this succulent kick) my sister thought they were neat and ordered a package of seeds online and gave it to me over Christmas.  Apparently it shipped from Crete.  So these are jetsetting succulents!

I started a few small pots the day after Christmas – paying special attention to sterilizing the beach sand this time, given how it’s already showing signs of algae infestation in my Echevaria pots – and made a special succulent mixture of soil with very very low organic content and a mix of various sizes of particles – perlites, vermiculites, coarse and fine sands, and used some very small clay pots since I’ve read that lithops probably won’t be moved or replanted for 2-3 years.   I saran wrapped them up, have been spritzing the top daily for moisture, and am amazed that by day four I already have this:



South Carolina Pork Chop Rub

rec_chopsWe grill a lot – even in winter.  It’s the quickest / easiest way to make a dinner out of pork chops.  Coventional wisdom says that grilled pork chops should be marinated; except the problem I always ran into was forgetting to start them marinating in time for actually grilling them.

I found a recipe online recently for a spice rub that tastes amazing, doesn’t require a marinade, and is fast and easy.  It’s in heavy rotation for dinner in our house right now, so I wanted to share it.  It’s the “south carolina style pork chop” spice rub. (more…)