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What are you interested in?

Although my blog has been updated less – and I’ve been posting less lengthy information (but more frequently) on my Instagram account asphocrossing, this blog still gets some occasional traffic and lately I’ve been toying with the idea of putting together a more structured bit of publications on the things I’ve learned in the last couple of years.

It’s been a twisty route that I’ve taken over the last few years, but my journey into my current hobbies went something like this:

* I bought a house, and got interested in…
* Landscaping and taking over the garden that I inherited with the house;
* Propagating plants cheaply (through seed, division, rooting cuttings, etc)
* House plants
* Succulents
* Specific succulent species – narrowing my collection!
* Propagation of succulents
* Breeding and hybridization
* Seed-raising succulents as it’s own hobby

That’s included things like:
* Building indoor light shelves for the basement
* Using technology to help (wifi outlet timers, grow lights, heat mats, etc)
* Disease preventing and treatment
* Effective methods to hunt down and find rare plants on your wishlist

But what I want to know is…. what questions do you all have that you’d be interested in learning more about?  Leave a comment and let me know, and I can hopefully share whatever information I’ve gathered along the way that may be useful – or point you in a direction that can help!


Last month was my birthday and my partner have me this nice ceramic planter. It took me a while to figure out what to put on it.

A month and a half ago I repotted my haworthia cymbiformis, and I had a number of offsets.

Yes, it was neglected and sad looking. My plan to let it clump was not going to plan as I obviously didn’t accommodate the needs of all those babies and the mother consumed a number of lower leaves to fuel them.

Upside was I had a ton of babies. Some offsets even we’re starting their own offsets.

A few had roots but a number of the tiny ones did not.

I decided to take a few overdue propagations of Crassula and graptosedums, and grabbed nine of those small offsets for the planter.

I neglected to get photos since I needed four hands for the project, and had an inquisitive feline helper to ward off, but it was crazy how many roots when the tiny offsets had grown in a month and a half.

The finished planter will settle under lights in the basement for a week or so before I take it to the office.  This haworthia offsets rapidly, so either the planter will fill nicely… Or the whole thing will end in disaster. But given I still have five babies left looking for homes, it will be a safe experiment.


What’s better after a stressful weak than retail therapy? I got quite a deal on this leaf propagated haworthia comptoniana from a Facebook sales group. I know I have several seedlings slowly growing, but this bargain can jump start my breeding group hopefully, and if nothing else may eventually become a guilt free test subject for coring and leaf propagation.

I scored this for only $5! Nicely timed after a brutal week.