Month: January 2017

Haworthia seedlings

A while ago I posted about fostering some seedlings for a friend from work. I had a difficult time getting them to germinate, eventually I got five to appear out of about ten seeds. One fell over early on while watering, but we’ve just finished adapting to having the covers off. I’m a little nervous about the color change on the one seedling, but on very close examination it doesn’t look sunburnt, more like stress coloration. That may not be great on such a young plant, but overall they seem to be doing well enough. Fingers crossed! Slow and steady wins the race with succulent seedlings. Emphasis on “slow”!


Leaf propagation

At any given time, I usually have some succulent leaf propagations in progress.  My success rate has been getting higher, so here’s a rundown of my general practice.

I’ll use a crassula “red pagoda” as an example.  This plant thrives on direct sunlight, and even in summer it was having a hard time indoors getting enough light.  With the onset of winter and shorter days, it had stretched out quite a bit and was starting to flop over the sides of the pot.  I figured I had a good opportunity to try leaf propagation.

I took a pair of sharp scissors, wiped the blades down with some rubbing alcohol, and snipped the longest stems of the plant.

While the plant grows mainly from the main tip, snipping off the growing end forces the plant to branch.   (more…)