Variegated seedlings

Mostly I’ve been posting to my Instagram account lately, but I wanted to share a free pride and joys. I had enough Christmas cash to splurge on some more rare seeds even though my seed starting is a bit full up. I ordered some variegated haworthia maughanii seeds off Japanese hybrids that ran about $1 per seed. On top of the difficulty germinating, there’s no guarantee that the offspring would be variegated. The likelihood should be about 12-25%.

Gambling wise I did well, even though I had a mishap with a variation I made in my sowing technique that led to losing a lot of the seedlings. But I have at least three that are showing signs of variegation, and one older Bayeri seedling that spontaneously developed variegation that shouldn’t have. Happy surprises!

Now to wait 3-5 years for an adult size plant. With luck until then!

This guy is doing the thing where the roots push the seedling out of the soil instead of digging in, but other than being askew so far it’s developing at a good pace nonetheless.

2 thoughts on “Variegated seedlings

  1. |You mention your Instagram account, but don’t mention your name to follow. I’m enjoying reading about your adventures in succulenting and hoped to find more photos of the babies. How do i find you?

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