Month: May 2016

Echevaria Propagation

Since this is such a slow, slow process, it’s occasionally nice to look back through the blog at pictures of the plants to take a good perspective on their progress.

Right now I’m looking at the Black Prince propagations.

Echevaria Black Prince Propagation #1: End of April/Start of May.  Two to three rosettes on each leaf!

Just two months ago, I had posted a picture of them looking like this:

Echevaria Black Prince Propagation: Beginning of March

Now I currently only have two of the black prince leaves still going (of the three I started), and one of two nodulosa leaves.  Looking back, I’m currently at three months progress on these propagations show at the top.

Echeveria Black Prince and Nodulosa leaves, starting at the beginning of February.

Lithops Seeds in a Petri Dish

The lithops seeds that I started a few weeks ago are suffering a severe issue with algae/fungus on the top of the soil.

Someone shared with me the technique in this video, and as strange as it may seem – I’m going to give it a go!  I sterilized some sand in the oven today, and I’m using a some cotton swaps in a take out container to start 10-15 in a second batch.  I’m not sure how it will work out with the fact that the cotton is essentially planted along with the seedlings in the long run; but the adult lithops in the video seem to be doing okay.  I figured it was worth 10-15 seeds to give it a try!