Black and White Portrait IconThirty something guy living in the Toledo, Ohio area.  

By day I tinker with code and help lead a team of web developers. In the evening I leave computer screens behind and get my hands into the dirt.

Bought a house a few years ago, inherited a garden with some random plants and faced a challenge when my natural impatience encountered something it couldn’t really accelerate.   First it was a challenge trying to identify what everything was and learn enough about it to not kill it, added in elements of adding in certain plants that had sentimental attachments or memories (lilacs and peonies will always remind me of my childhood home), and then it basically turned into a full tilt hobby because plants can actually do some really bizarre things.

In the early spring of 2016 that fascination turned towards succulents. Less inspired by the “Cuteness” of the many, many pinterest pins and more by the various strange and unique adaptations these plants had made to their harsh environments, I’m trying to learn how to successfully nurture, grow, and breed these strange little beasts.

I’ve taken to collecting various forms of haworthias, mainly, with a few odd mesembs and other varities thrown in for good fun.

After a stressful summer day at work, I find myself immediately heading to a flower bed and pulling out weeds.


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