Echeveria: Week 1

Thursday night, roughly one week after staring the Echeveria seeds, I didn’t see much activity.  I had moved them to a basement setup where I lower the shop lights and set the plants on a tall box so they are relatively close together – I had done this last spring for starting a few flats of annuals and it worked.  A cheap 90 cent thermometer at Lowes told me the average temp (thanks to the furnace’s location in the basement) was ranging about 70-72 degrees, which had me a little nervous since I had been told the seeds wouldn’t sprout above 70 degrees.

So I cracked open the pots, hit them with another couple of spritzes of my diluted peroxide mix (more on that in the original post) – and recapped them.  By Friday morning, the first signs of life were visible if you look VERY VERY closely.

Echeveria – week 1

So, this endeavor has promise to not be a complete bust.  As of Saturday, each of the four cups shows signs of at least one sprout; and two cups have two that I see so far.  Now to watch and wait!

The basement seed starting configuration

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