Last month was my birthday and my partner have me this nice ceramic planter. It took me a while to figure out what to put on it.

A month and a half ago I repotted my haworthia cymbiformis, and I had a number of offsets.

Yes, it was neglected and sad looking. My plan to let it clump was not going to plan as I obviously didn’t accommodate the needs of all those babies and the mother consumed a number of lower leaves to fuel them.

Upside was I had a ton of babies. Some offsets even we’re starting their own offsets.

A few had roots but a number of the tiny ones did not.

I decided to take a few overdue propagations of Crassula and graptosedums, and grabbed nine of those small offsets for the planter.

I neglected to get photos since I needed four hands for the project, and had an inquisitive feline helper to ward off, but it was crazy how many roots when the tiny offsets had grown in a month and a half.

The finished planter will settle under lights in the basement for a week or so before I take it to the office.  This haworthia offsets rapidly, so either the planter will fill nicely… Or the whole thing will end in disaster. But given I still have five babies left looking for homes, it will be a safe experiment.


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