Happy surprises – Haworthia Attenuata ‘Alba’

I know I am a bit too much of a helicopter plant parent, and my succulents would probably benefit from more neglect.

But I love the occasional happy surprises that come from periodically handling each individual plant and checking on its progress – for instance, spotting the first signs of a new offset forming on one of your favorites — such as this week’s happy discovery was a new offset forming on one of my rooted haworthia cuttings, the variegated haworthia attenuata ‘Alba’.

Are you able to spot it in the first picture?


2 thoughts on “Happy surprises – Haworthia Attenuata ‘Alba’

  1. Looking nice and happy.

    How long did it take to produce that plantlet. I have one for a few months 5 or 6 but no luck 😐

    1. I rooted the cuttings late last summer, most had offsets starting around one year. They’re planted in mostly grit with a sprinkle of bonemeal, with occasional diluted foliage pro fertilizer treatments.

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