Skipping the Plant Show and Spring 2017 Seed Orders

This past weekend was the big Midwest Cactus and Succulent Show and Sale in Cleveland, and due to some inclement weather, I opted to not get up super early on a Saturday morning and drive two hours there and back this year.  I wasn’t entirely ready to brave the roads, and I knew from the prior year that if you weren’t there early, things would get pretty picked over– even though last year, I think the massive turn out caught the event organizers by surprise and I knew (as I have a Facebook friend from the group that runs the show) that this year they were a lot more prepared.

Still, though, from the sounds of it – the crowd was so huge that the space they were holding the show in couldn’t accomodate everyone, and many folks had to wait outside for their turn just to enter the building.  The stories didn’t make me regret my decision to stay home too terribly much.  (Although I’ve seen a few pictures of plants from the sale that gave me slight pangs of regret.  Just not enough regret.)

So try to stop myself from focusing on my FOMO, I spent some time… with my propagation trays, trying to organize them, pot up some of the things, in theory to make room for garden seed sowing here shortly … although in the end it ended up taking up more room, rather than less.

I also consoled myself by doing some shopping online; since my mind was on seeds, I saw a few listings that I bid on (and won) to start some new haworthia seeds.  These batches will by third attempt at haworthia; my first ones didn’t have great success rates to germination (or post germination); my next batch I did a little bit better although my germination rates were a bit lower; but I feel optimistic about the lesson learned from those for the next set.  My first batch should be hitting the one year mark, where they would get repotted, right around the time I think these would be dried and ready for sowing.

Here were my orders, with the lineage/parentage pictures borrowed from the sale listings of the sellers named:

Batch 1, from caudx

Batch 2, from caudx:

Batch 3, from lynsey_succulent:


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