Crassula Perforata – Rooted cutting

It was a few days over a year ago that I picked this cutting up off the floor of a box good stores and asked the garden attendant if she minded if I took it home. It was one of the first cutting propagations I’d ever attempted, and I was so delighted when it actually worked. (Little did I know how that would turn into a propagation addiction.)

It started with four leaf sets in the winter, by spring when I moved it from the tray to its own little square seedling cup it had grown to seven or eight.

Flash forward a year – and take a look at it now!

Come spring I will likely snip the top off and move it to a small pot, as that should encourage it to either branch or send up new shoots… and then, of course, attempt to reroot the top and start the whole process over again.

It’s not exactly a huge pot full of plant after one year, but considering the size of the little snipping I started with, I’d say its doing pretty well!


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