Haworthia offsets

After one of my original succulents had been long besieged with a scale infestation (nasty little lice), I attempted to repot it into fresh soil in an effort to save it – and at the same time, split off two young/small offsets since I had the roots cleaned off.  Neither had really rooted on their own yet, but the mother plant was slowly dying and I figured I didn’t have a lot to lose.

Conventional wisdom would have said to plant them in perlite/pumice/grit until they rooted, but I tried that and they continued to shrivel away until I eventually laid them on a peat-based mixture, which I think retained just enough moisture that when the root nubs started to poke through, they immediately found substanance to help the tiny things rebound.  Happily, both are now perking up and looking healthy – probably more so than the original plant, which has shrunk down to the absolute minimum I think the core could withstand and I’m not optimistic it will pull through.  On the upside, I did manage to save the plant in the form of the two young offsets, so not a complete loss!


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