Seedlings & Propagations (September Succulent Sweep #039 – #062)

Today’s post is a collection of plants in the “nursery” – the oldest of my leaf propagations or attempts to start succulents from seed.  Most of these were single leaves (unless noted as seedlings) when started, most of them started sometime around February (meaning they are at about six months).  Some of them (like the Pachyveria Blue Jewel) didn’t start actively rooting or growing for the first 2+ months).  Patience, as it turns out, is a virtue.

Ghost (Trio)  Ghost Plant (Solo)  Ghost Plan (Duo)
Graptopetalum Paraguanese (“Ghost Plant”) – Various Propagations

 Ech. Gigantea SeedlingEcheveria Gigantea Seedling

 Echeveria Seedling 1aEch. Seedling ‘1a’
(These two are from a packet of mixed seeds, but are suspected as Gigantea given comparative size to other seedlings and leaf shape/coloration)

 Ech. Seedling 1bEch. Seedling ‘1b’
(This plant had a bad run in with stem rot shortly after this picture was taken; I suspect it’s another Gigantea like the two above given the similar leaf shape and coloring.  I was able to save a few leaves, so we’ll see if I salvage anything from this specific plant.)

 Ech. Seedling 2aEch. Seedling ‘2a’

 Ech. Seedling 2b  Ech. Seedling 2b
Ech. Seedling ‘2b’
(Recently sunburnt, but still showing new growth from the center.  Blue leaves, slightly ruffled, angled shape with a dart at the end; might be Lolo or a ruffley variety of such.)

 Ech. Seedling 2cEch. Seedling ‘2c’
(Dark purple/black leaves, but the wrong shape for Black Prince or Black Knight.)

 Blue Jewel  Blue Jewel
Pachyveria ‘Blue Jewel’

 GuangzhaoGraptopetalum ‘Guangzhou’

 MurasakiGraptoveria ‘Murasaki’

 Lime GoldSedum Adolphii ‘Lime Gold’

 GuangzaoGraptopetalum ‘Guangzhou’

 Murasaki  Murasaki
Graptoveria ‘Murasaki’

 Lime Gold (1)Sedum Adolphii ‘Lime Gold’

 Lime Gold (2)Sedum Adolphii ‘Lime Gold’

 California SunsetSedum Adolphii ‘California Sunset’

 Vera Higgins (1)Graptosedum ‘Vera Higgins’

 Vera Higgins (2)Graptosedum ‘Vera Higgins’

 Crassula Perforata  Crassula Perforata

Crassula Perforata ‘String of Buttons’

 California SunsetSedum Adolphii ‘California Sunset’

 Guangzhao  Guangzhao

Graptopetalum ‘Guangzhou’

 Moon SilverPachyphytum Oviferum ‘Moon Silver’


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