Things That Aren’t Haworthias! (September Succulent Sweep #018 -#025)

Yes, I mainly collect Haworthias, but I do sometimes splurge on some other random oddball things if they are odd or peculiar enough to catch my attention.  A lot of these are colorfully named plants that have common names shared with various animals.  I don’t know why there’s a tendency to do that, but it’s amusing.

Jade Plant - Variegated
Everyone needs a good jade – why not get a variegated one?

Crassula Capitella - Red Pagoda
Dabbling with a crassula, a capitella – aka “Red Pagoda”.  Not very red anymore, and very etoliated sadly.

Why yes, I did used to have four adult lithops (aka “living stones”), thanks for reminding me.
Snake Plant Propagations
My first attempt at propagating a sanseviera (aka snake plant) – one long leaf from the mother plant divided into four sections = four babies. About one year in at this point.
Fenestria - Baby Toes
A relative – another mesemb, Fenestria – aka “Baby Toes.”
Kalanchoe - Panda Plant
The common kalanchoe – aka “Panda plant.”  It’s so fuzzy!
Cotyledon Ladismithiensis - Bear Paw
A relative of the panda plant – Cotyledon Ladismithiensis, aka “Bear Paw”.
Faucaria Tigrina - Tiger Jaws
Another mesemb – Faucaria Tigrina, aka “Tiger Jaws”

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