Gasteraloe “Flow” & Haworthia Cymbiformis v. Plainifolia (September Succulent Sweep #004-005)

This was originally labelled as a haworthia – but I’ve since determined it’s most likely a gasteraloe (gasteria/aloe hybrid) commonly named “Flow”.  It’s pretty common in your big box stores from small succulent pots, and of all my succulents – this is perhaps one of the most hardy.  It goes long periods of time without watering and barely flinches.  It’s slowly been getting larger, but most notably are it’s offsets.  I’ll have to repot this soon and divide the offsets because they are quite large already, and even with the offsets cleared out the main plant is going to do a good job of filling a 5 inch pot on its own. I like the fact that the combination of gasteria and aloe (both close relatives of haworthia) give it a very haworthia-like appearance.

Speaking of prolific – here’s my haworthia cymbiformis.  Right now the mother plant is slightly etoliated, but the offsets are numerous and quite large.  This particular haworthia is also fairly common, and is one of the cheaper ones you’ll find – and it’s quickly offsetting nature pretty much solves the mystery as to why.

Looking back on the gasteraloe in spring, you can see that it was a larger specimen to start with – but noticeable is how much the offsets have come in and grown.

And here’s the original cymbiformis, in a smaller pot, prior to getting a bit stretched out – with a few noticeably smaller offsets already in spring just peaking out.


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