My New Favorite Indoor Garden Tool

On my last trip to the local grocery store, I picked up a “bargain bin” item on a bit of a whim … That I have since fallen in love with.

Meet the plastic ketchup bottle.

For indoor plants and smaller plants – and I’m looking specifically at succulents like echevarias – this thing is super useful in instances where the rosettes can be nearly the size and width of the opening of the flower pot.  In these cases, it can be hard to flush the soil heavily enough to drain out the bottom of the pot without getting a lot of water on the leaves. (which I try to avoid).  The ketchup bottle has essentially worked like a precision point version of a watering can, enabling me to get water in under the leaves of the rosette without getting moisture onto the leaves.

For seedling trays it gives me the same kind of ability to target where I’m watering, but with higher and faster volume than the eye dropper that I was using before.  It’s great for the small plastic pots that I’m using for propagation.  It has a cap so it’s portable and spill proof!

If you see one in your bargain bin…. it’s well worth the buck and a half I spent on it.


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