Haworthia Cuttings – Surprise Package

I was inspired recently to take a plunge on an eBay listing I’d been watching; a ten-count selection of various unnamed “haworthia cuttings” from someone’s collection.  Apparently someone in one of the Haworthia enthusiast groups I belong to on Facebook had taken the plunge and posted pictures of their selections; I was kind of envious, because given the price they ended up with some very nice things that I probably paid more for.  My previous additions came pre-rooted, so there’s that at least… but it made me think it might be worth trying anyway.  The price (after shipping) came down to a little over a doller per cutting, and I figured it would be a nice project to fill the windowsill at my office desk.

So at long last, they arrived on Friday.  I woke up early than I cared to this morning, so I did my typical weekend morning “potting/repotting” getting these into some mixed up grit to hopefully get them started rooting.  One or two have small roots already, but most are starting from scratch.  Wish me luck!

Everything looking nicely potted up.

#1 and #2: What I believe to be a coarctata on the left, and reinwardtii on the right.
#3 and #4: Both appear to be attenuata, although the coloration of the one on the right makes me wonder if it may be a variegated variety.
#5: My best bet is that this is a vicosa – trianular leaves, stacked.  Users on Reddit have suggested it might not be a haworthia at all, but rather an astroloba, which is a close relative in the haworthia/aloe/gasteria family.
#6: I can’t tell if this is a stacked variety or not, so ID’ing is difficult at this point.
#7: The markings on this are very odd; which makes me think it may actually be an aloe-haworthia hybrid.  Users on reddit speculate possibly a gasteria hybrid instead of aloe.
#8: this guy is a little thirsty, but close examination shows windowed leaf tips.  I think it may be a variety of retusa.
#9: Like #7, the markings here make me think this may have some aloe or gasteria in it.
#10: Although pretty pale, I’m moderately confident this is a cymbiformis.
And finally, because plant sellers love to do this to me apparently: “FREE BONUS PLANT” – aka, an offset from something you didn’t ask for that I’m desperate enough to give away.  I’m reasonably sure this is an aloe.



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