New Haworthia – Maughanii

My newest haworthia — Maughanii! Getting some sun.

It’s not the most unique variety of maughanii, but that did mean he was more in my price range, and I’m very pleased to have one to add to my collection of haworthias.  It’s very close to the haworthia truncata, with the exception of the fact that the leaves grow in a spiral pattern as opposed to the crest/fan shape.

For some reason, hybrids of the two varities (truncata x maughanii) are much more common and easy to find – I purchased two small offsets of that hybrid at the plant sale in Cleveland last month – and supposedly are hardier / easier to grow, but the growth patterns tend to fight it out and grow into a “messy spiral” or a “twisted crest”.  Upside: even though the flower stalk was broken a bit in shipping, it looks like it might have a small offset starting along the flower stalk.


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