Lilacs don’t seem to give up, fortunately.

… I think it was two years ago around my birthday that my mom and sister came down with my niece and nephew for an ill-fated attempt to go to the Toledo Zoo.  (That ended up being not only my birthday, but the start of Toledo’s microcystin water crisis.)

They were kind enough to bring me several shoots from the giant lilac bushes from the family farm for my new place in Ohio.  (I love a good continuity story.)  Two of them are doing quite well now in their second year, finally going from “hanging on” to sending off new runners and shoots.  This little guy on the edge I thought had given up the ghost, but today’s happy surprise was finding out that he’s hanging in for at least one more year.

The mild winter we had (and the surprisingly light presence of rabbits this year) has worked in their favor.  Last year many of the new shoots got nibbled down as there wasn’t a lot else for the rabbits to forage on in the early spring.


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