Echevaria Gigantea

If you recall the great experiment trying to grow echevaria from a bag of mixed seeds I started this winter, you’ll know that out of something like 50 seeds I managed to retain about five… and some of those seem like they’re struggling a lot more than others. I had to repot some of them earlier than I would have liked given that I had 2/3 sometimes clustered together, and the large ones started to crowd out the others. I figured I could try to separate them early, or just let the runts die out. I opted to try separation. So far, they’re still hanging in there, but not necessarily thriving.

This is the one that I didn’t have to repot – and it’s hard to remember that a few months ago it was this tiny spec of a thing. It’s large enough now that I can tentatively identify it as echevaria gigantea.


Of course, my random mixed seedling ends up being a variety named for the fact that it gets HUGE. It’s not a particularly ornate variety, but at least it will be a moderately interesting one at the rate it’s going!


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