Lithops Seedlings: Attempt 2

I’m just a few days shy of being two weeks in on starting a new batch of lithops seeds – this time a variety mix from Mesa Gardens – and so far it’s already going a lot better than the prior attempt at growing what I now assume was actually Oxalis.


Out of about 20 or so seeds sown in this leftover plastic deli container, I currently have about fifteen germinated sprouts.  Some are doing better than others, as a few have fallen over or generally have a “life is hard” look.  I’m just happy that these little sprouts actually look like small lithops … even if it requires some serious zooming in to see the details.

I’ll be waiting another week or so before I start removing the cover more than a few minutes each day to re-mist.  Hopefully I can figure out when the right time is to start ramping them down from damp and humid to their perpetual dry state.

This is exciting to me, because lithops tend to look cooler when there’s a ton crowded together in a big pot, and my current cluster of four adults I found doesn’t really have the same feel.  Plus, this is the variety mix, so who knows what colors I’ll end up!


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