Other propagation progress

After yesterday’s picture of the progress of my first few leaf propagations (the graptopetalum “Ghost plants”) – I thought I’d share a few of the other things that I moved from the tray to the “winner’s circle” of self-pots recently.

First up: two leaves of Vera Higgins:



The two here in front are echeveria “Black Prince” – supposedly very easy to propagate! Each leaf has started several small rosettes, but the root system isn’t very well developed from what I can tell. In the back is another small ghost plant.


I had two leaves of Echeveria Nodulosa from when I first potted mine up – both rooted, but only this one grew a rosette. The rosette is very slow going; the other leaf I eventually gave up on, even though it had one fairly long tap root, it kept spawning (and losing) small feeder roots off the main leaf.

A pachyphytum “Moon Silver”:

And three very early on leaves – clockwise from top left, they are Graptoveria ‘Murasaki’, Pachyphytum ‘Guangzhou’, and Sedum Adolphii ‘Lime Gold’.

Hope they continue to come along! It’s very slow going, but patience is part of the exercise here.  I just have to remind myself that even the ones that are painfully slow still look like they’re coming along compared to a month ago when they were shown in the image below (being the two in the top left and top right corner — top center and bottom are the ones that are now transplanted together in the graptopetalum cup.)





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