Tentacle Tuesday “Black Prince” Echevaria


It’s a day late, but here’s one of my “Black Prince” echevaria propagation attempts – two small rosettes and a few roots forming.

In other news….

Of the first few I tried propagating, one of the fastest developing – a leaf from my echevaria “Nodulosa” – up and died on me… I think.  It had a swarm of white healthy tentacles coming out (no rosettes that I could see as of yet) and within the span of a day or two, most of them turned black.  I’m not sure if I was keeping it too moist/damp spraying it, or if some other random happenstance killed it – the twin near it is a little behind it on development but still seems rather happy.

In addition to that, my haworthia cymbiformis still looks like it’s struggling.  It had (at one point) eight or nine healthy looking pups, but their color these days is not looking great, and it’s starting to consume another lower leaf.  I’m not sure if it’s doing that because it’s short on water – I’m afraid to overwater it – of it’s typical behavior given the fact that it’s running two flower stalks.  I don’t have hands steady enough for manual pollination, and it’s the wrong season for insect help, so I might just trim those stalks shortly and see if that helps it rebound.

All that is a bit depressing, but I’m consoled by the fact that it was one of my own leaves and I still have the parent plant… but today I noticed a few other things that cheered me:

  1. So far, the transplanted echevaria mystery seedlings seem to be no noticeably worse for the wear.  So fingers crossed, I might have pulled off a successful separation and repotting.
  2. The first leaf I started, a pachysedum “Moon silver” – still has a swarm of healthy pink roots, and no rosette — but there’s a brand new sprout coming off the roots from underneath the propagated leaf.  At least, that’s what I believe to be the case – I don’t think it’s a wayward errant seed given the chunk size of the sprout.  In a few days I will hopefully be able to tell more.
  3. The black princes got elevated a bit closer to the grow lights, and they definitely are showing faster growth on the rosettes now.
  4. A few of the pachyphytum “Gangzhou” leaves I have are finally rooting.  It’s a really funky looking plant, I’m not sure that I like it but it’s unusual and interesting and I figured they’d be good fodder for learning that I wouldn’t care too much if I lost.
  5. One of my haworthias (The coarctata v. tenuis) – is showing signs of a brand new flower stalk emerging.  So yay! It looks like it’s not dying.



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