I don’t know what I’m doing, apparently.

I recently discovered the subreddit for succulents, which has been super helpful for questions and getting them answered – but they confirmed something that I had suspected – the lithops seeds that my sister had given me are pretty definitely NOT lithops seeds.  I have no idea what it is that I’m growing, but I’m starting another batch of them, and I guess it will be an adventure figuring out what they are if any of the mystery plants survive.

On the other hand, I got recommendations on a reputable seller … and I just put in an order for 500 mixed lithops seeds.  So in a few weeks, hopefully, I’ll be trying again with ACTUAL lithops seeds.

Seedling with an existential crisis! WHAT AM I?

Outside of that, not much to report on.  I lost a few more of the mystery seedlings, but the echevarias are coming along.  I’ve lowered the lights based on the recommendations of the folks on reddit, obtained a few more amendments for making succulent soil, and made a trip to the craft store and thrift stores stocking up on pots and cheap ceramics for future succulents.  While the ceramics are more attractice, I’ve determined my best bet is probably to use at least start with using unglazed terracotta pots for the time being, so one shelf of my grow station is now a collection of pots in various sizes for future acquisitions.

And finally, I added this little bitty to my collection this weekend while I was out running errands – one of the few healthy looking succulents in a rack of small plugs found at Home Depot… Perle Von Nurnberg.



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