Weekend Project Update (And Echeveria Week 4 Progress)

eche_week4Time for the weekend round up of my various indoor winter plant-projects.

First, an update on my “seedlings in peril“.  I’m sad to say that several of the seedlings that looked crispy did not really bounce back, and I am now estimating that the issue was indeed light burn – probably from a mixture of lowering the light and the spritzer that I’d been hitting them with to keep humidity high on the lithops roots.  I think the water collecting on the leaves was the source of the burn spots.  I added a few fresh seeds to the pot to start a second round of attempts, but I did leave the fried sprouts in place to see what would happen.  The largest (And crispiest) sprout is, at least, doing something now – it’s showing signs of budding out new leaves even though the cotyledons were toasted.  Some of the others I think may not have been mature enough to attempt that yet… but at least that one lithops and maybe the echeverias may bounce back yet.  The echeverias, as seen above, are showing many new sets of little leaves … interestingly enough many in little clusters that look like they might be rosettes.  It’s hard to say, but if you look at the top left it looks like more than a cluster of two leaves coming in – it looks like the tiny tiny little buds that come from rooting echeveria leaves.

Which takes me back to why I’m glad I started keeping records of these projects, because as frustratingly slow as it seems these little buggers are going, every time I go back to what they looked like at one week of being planted (which really, I was impressed with then given the size of the seeds) I’m reminded of the fact that they’re actually coming along at a pretty good clip.

On the dormant lithops pot, I added a few more seeds – and in the crispy pot – and while not all of them have taken, I have three or four new sprouts showing roots appearing, so wave two is starting up.  For this batch (and the remaining seedlings) I’ve started giving them a bit more of an artificial evening and not giving them a 24 hour blast.  We’ll see how that goes.

Meanwhile, outside of the basement, I’ve started placing the dieffenbachia and the schefflera cuttings on a heat mat for a bit in the evenings to try to encourage rooting.  The dieffenbachia required some intervention, as one of the broader lower leaves was starting to visually lose substantial pigmentation.  It was apparent that the cutting couldn’t support all of the leaves I’d left on it, so I quickly snipped that one off since it looked not-long-for-this-world anyway.


In terms of the “big” weekend project, one item that moved tot he top of the task list was the need to settle in the mail order succulents.  I’ve had in mind a rectangular, oblong succulent pot, and the search for that has slowed me down and ultimately proved a bit futile; I haven’t been able to find one online or in stores, so I had to improvise.  (I was hoping to find something akin to a large butter dish that I could potentially use, but no luck there.)  A Saturday shopping trip to the hardware store got me a new dremel bit for cutting glass, and I picked up a few cheap ceramic ramekins and saucers from Target on the way back.  I tentatively watched a few Youtube videos and managed to successfully drill drainage holes in the ramekins, and potted up my haworthia cooperi truncata.  Each got it’s own little ramekin, and one will be bound for the office this week while one will stay home with me.  Hopefully at least one of the two environments will be suitable for them.


While Sunday was very snowy and blowy here, I reclaimed a pot from a panda plant that we had that had not survived (my partner had purchased it based on appearance without knowing what it was, which isn’t a good start) and made several rounds through the garage cleaning, priming, and repainting it. (The pot had originally come from a stash of pots in our yard shed when we bought the house, and it’s original white paint job was looking a bit dirty and chipped.) It looks a nice chestnut brown now, and now that it’s done emitting the worst of the fumes from the paint, it’s been brought inside to finish setting and it will get repotted with the reptilian haworthia tenuis in the next few days.  I’ll wait until I have slightly prettier pictures for that.

Checking in the tenuis and echeveria lolo that had come in the same order as the cooperi truncata, I noticed a few of the tiny tips on some of the scales and leaves were breaking off, which was an indicator that the window ledge the small shipping plugs had gone on for a few days while I settled the pot situation was getting a bit too cold. The fact that it seemed to be mostly on the side of the window negated any hopes I might have had that it was a result from shipping. Those are temporarily moved to an interior shelf away from a window until I can find a better winter solution for them.


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