Mail Order Day

One more day until I meet back up with the surgeon who performed by surgery in April to find out what’s up with the return of my sciatica; I ended up talking some of my teammates into taking my afternoon meetings and took the afternoon off (well, I did call into a few conference calls) — and nursed my wounds at home.  One bright spot to my day though was that the mail man brought me a bevy of new goods – a few new plants I ordered from Mountain Crest after Christmas (and have been nervously tracking through the return to sub-freezing temperatures), plus other assorted sundries.

Let me introduce you to the new “babies” off my wish list.

Haworthia – Cooperi v. Truncata.
Translucent leaves that form in clusters of bubbles.

Haworthia – Cooperi v. Truncata
Echeveria – “Lolo”.  A bit dusty and dirty from the shipping.
Haworthia – Coarctata v. Tenuis
(which I had to order for their reptilian, Geiger-esque qualities.)

These succulents will be a little pale and green until they get reacclimated to water and sun after shipping.  The cooperi and lolo will hopefully turn more blue as time goes on.  I don’t have a succulent planter for these little guys yet, so that will be an order of business here soon.  In the meantime: back to yogurt cups temporarily for watering from below.

In addition, two more garden catalogs – bulbs and seeds both!


And finally, two new tshirts from Woot that I ordered right after Christmas with some “gift” money. 🙂


I ordered those before I found this site … which I had to restrain myself from bulk ordering off of.


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