South Carolina Pork Chop Rub

rec_chopsWe grill a lot – even in winter.  It’s the quickest / easiest way to make a dinner out of pork chops.  Coventional wisdom says that grilled pork chops should be marinated; except the problem I always ran into was forgetting to start them marinating in time for actually grilling them.

I found a recipe online recently for a spice rub that tastes amazing, doesn’t require a marinade, and is fast and easy.  It’s in heavy rotation for dinner in our house right now, so I wanted to share it.  It’s the “south carolina style pork chop” spice rub.

The basic recipe goes as follows:

  • one part garlic powder
  • one part onion powder
  • one part chili powder
  • one part paprika
  • one part sugar
  • one half part salt
  • one part black pepper

rec_spiceJarThere’s your spice mix.  I have a small glass Ikea spice bottle in our cupboard with a pre-made supply because I make this so much.

There’s an optional trick to brine your chops in salt water before you apply the rub – even if you can only brine for 5-10 minutes, it seems to help.  Whether you choose to do this or not, basically i put the pork chops on a plate, sprinkle the mix on them liberally, rub it in a bit with my fingers for even coverage, and you’re ready to throw them on the grill.  Timing depends on the thickness, but for the standard boneless chops we get at the store I find about 3 to 3.5 minutes per side on a medium-high setting on our grill turns the out perfectly.

Ten minute entree, can’t beat that!

Main recipe was sourced from here:
South Carolina Style Pork Chop rub


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