Garden – mid June

The cucumbers have found the tomato and ancho cages and are taking over.  The pumpkin and zucchini vines are already starting to look a little Jurassic park.  The pumpkin had to be disentangled from the back fence, which it had already climbed over, through, and started wrapping around the pine tree.


I finally identified one mystery plant as Goldenrod.  Out it comes!  Lots of spires of it already, and the long cabling roots disturbed some of the adjacent plants.  It’s been raining all day, so they were mostly easy to uproot, however.


The tomatos are a week or two into being pinched; the watermelon started late but is just now starting to torpedo along the ground.  I staked the morning glories, and they are quickly vining up the bamboo; after all the rain I finally gave in and staked in two supports for my clump of spiderwort and bellflowers.

The foxglove has a few small spires starting, but they look mostly done at this point.  The snapdragons are giving it another good go, and the red roses have started their season.  The alyssum has taken off.

Garden_Sideby garden_Cropping

Lots of weeding taking place, but it’s giving me ideas of what I want the general garden plan to be.  I need to figure out how to actually sketch it, so I can maybe make an actual garden plan / diagram.  Trial and error might take me a few years to actually figure out.  🙂


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