Resolving a few plant mysteries

New mysteries this week as my last trip to lowes spotted some familiar
Looking ground cover plants that might be growing in locations in my garden. Took some photos for comparison, just haven’t done the side by sides yet. 🙂 Meanwhile…..


The fern like mystery “weed” finally had two buds out of rabbit reach. This now looks more like an intentional plant to me. It’s a painted daisy!


The red rose bush survived and is blooming!


The mystery “weed” in my spiderwort finally blossomed and joy …. It does look like penstemon, as I’d hoped! I like both plants well enough but I don’t think there’s any way to separate them at this point, the two are so tightly grown together in one small location right along my garden path. Separating is a goal to encourage them to spread a little bit…. Right now they’re definitely trying to choke each other. This task may take careful weeding to encourage each to spread a different direction until I can dig up some lone shoots. 😦 the two side by side may look more attractive than all jumbled together, and I’m afraid in the current struggle one will win and one will lose (as was happening with coneflowers vs everything else when we bought the house).


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